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Each WEEK you will receive my most powerful “Wacky Talks” on video.

Every week, I will inspire you and make you laugh at the same time. How? I’ll select 2 of my very best, most powerful wacky messages, and make it available for your watching pleasure.

These monthly messages will encourage you, build you up, and enrich your soul. In your own home, you can listen to these inspirational talks again and again.

I believe that the world needs more hope now more than ever.  So, month in and month out, you can listen to something uplifting, positive, and encouraging to keep hope alive in every aspect of your life.

Each time you receive these messages, you will be empowered. I will speak about your concerns in your career, family life, significant relationships, finances and faith walk. I know you can transform your world for the better by bringing hope and happiness wherever you go.


Each week you will receive my ‘Wacky Talkie’ blog.

These blogs will surely put a smile on your face and lift your spirit each time you read them.


You receive my inspiring Ebook, "SCANDALOUS GRACE How to Enjoy Unlimited Blessings.” Absolutely FREE!

I’m giving you my Ebook, “SCANDALOUS GRACE”: How to Enjoy Unlimited Blessings”.

If you have made mistakes in the past and need a second chance, this book will inspire you to tap on grace to pick yourself up and move on.

The stories in this powerful Ebook will “speak” to you. As you read, you will experience God’s miracles and love. Here’s what you’ll find inside Scandalous Grace:

  • Chapter One - BELIEVE
  • Chapter Two - THIRST FOR IT
  • Chapter Three - BE HUMBLE
  • Chapter Four - ASK
  • Chapter Five - HAVE HOPE
  • Chapter Six - GET UP

By the way, I dedicated this book to my very good friend Bo Sanchez. Read and find out why.


You will receive a stylish inspirational shirt EVERY MONTH!

This shirt contains a meaningful declaration that will inspire you and those who will see it. I mean you will be a great encouragement to people just by wearing it!

Each shirt design will be creative and catchy such that people will be talking about it. Believe me.


Every 4 months you will receive a bonus: I will be sending you a free book

I am a book fan. I believe that those who read advance far in life than those who don’t.

I would be sending you, for free, a chosen book that I read recently that changed my life.

If by chance you read that book, just give it to somebody you think will benefit from it.


Meet other Wacky Partners in a FREE overnight retreat that will bless your life.

As a thank you for joining me consistently for 12 months I will be giving you and other wacky partners an overnight spiritual retreat for free. This will be given by me and my friends. We will be refreshed through this relaxing, life changing 2-days of reflection and sharing.


Enjoy the night with other Wacky Partners in a Special Wacky Partners Event

Fun, laughter and prices await those who partnered with us in this mission for 6 months straight.

This could be a concert, comedy show or just come and be surprised event.

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